Wednesday, January 18, 2017


We woke up in Houston to torrential rain this morning
and as usual our street became a river.
School is delayed so its cartoon city sweetheart for the kiddos
and finally I don't feel guilty about sitting down to write here.
I'm embarrassed to say Happy New Year.
As in I haven't posted since 2016.
Is anybody still there?
I often wonder now that my blogging has been, er, irregular to say the least.
It's one of my goals for the new be more consistent.
I guess its all about finding balance.
As a Libra you'd think I'd be good at that
but unfortunately
{or fortunately, depending on how you look at it}
I tend to be a multi-tasker,
trying to do a lot of things all at once
but sometimes spreading myself too thin.
I bet you can relate.
All I know is that life is good.
I hope yours is too.
Its not perfect...don't think never is.
But its good and I'll take it.

Last week a situation came up with my aging parents.
Oh the tears that were cried last week.
I thought of this post by the lovely Cindy Hattersley many times.
Some stuff really hit the fan as they say
and I truly felt like a parent towards them 
more than I did their child.
It breaks my heart and I feel tears well up at the mere thought.
I know somehow that the feeling will only reverse upon their death.
I'm hating every minute of it.
I don't have the best relationship with my mom
but I know I only have control over my actions and reactions.
Not hers.
I'm trying.
Trying to look ahead.
Trying to pretend to look back in time
and tell myself to act in a way that I will not regret one day.
Trying to remember them as they raised five girls
and perhaps some of the hard times we gave them while growing up.
This must be karma I tell myself. ;)
Better be careful going forward. 
I told our boys we're going to love them through it.
I might also have said y'all remember this when I'm old.

Work is going well.
Last week in the middle of an install
my husband texted to check on me.
I stopped long enough to type this reply:
"I am so happy." 
I've had the pleasure of working with such fun clients.
All because I had the courage to start...

or rather get unstuck.
Our minister just started a series recently with the same name...Unstuck.
Once again I felt like he was talking directly to me.
If you're interested email me and I can send a link to a podcast for it.
Heck, I need to listen to it again.
Who am I kidding.
I got unstuck with my career path
and yet I'm still stuck in a not so great relationship with my mom.
But I'm trying and that's what counts I guess.

On thing I'm not stuck on anymore is my powder room reno.
I've been working with my favorite wallpaper designer 
and last night she emailed me a mock up.
I can't share it yet but trust...
you will love it.
My husband and kids are so over not having a towel hook, 
mirror, and toilet paper holder. 
I had the walls skimmed and everything painted white.
Which is how it has sat for the past five months. 
When's the next one room challenge?
Maybe I should do that so I can have a solid deadline?
My family would be thrilled I assure you.

What about you?
Is there some aspect in your life
where you find yourself stuck for some reason?
Just know you're not alone.
Speaking of unstuck, we've gotten the all clear to take our crew to school.
Hope y'all are safe and dry where ever you are.
I'm glad you're here by the way.
I'm happy to be with you.
Let's make this a regular thing again. 
Shall we?


  1. Glad y'all are well. Hopefully all get off to school safely. I can so relate regarding the relationship with your mom.

  2. Hi Nancy...From the looks of Inst you are a very busy lady. Love all your work. So happy that you're happy. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks Katie, I am both busy and happy. I'll take it :) have a great weekend! cant wait to see what you and the mister are up to on monday.

  3. Remember , deep breath! If you are able to look at the sky, breathe in the air, hug your children or significant others or pets for that matter then its all good Believe me at 51 year of age I have had and do have stuck moments that I have to say all is well and this too shall pass.
    Right now stuck on whether to let go of designing, as there are way to many chefs in the design kitchen and really nothing feels that unique and so many of the trends I did over 10 years ago but there was no really social media to show it back then. I just keep telling myself to let go of my ego that has ;has been competing in this world of instant fixes and get back to grass roots and simple things. In the end the love , health and safety is all that matter.. oh and a little peace wouldnt hurt either! I enjoy reading your blog whenever I get the chance !

    1. you're absolutely right. we designated last year as the year of gratitude after the year before being so full of loss and grief. damn. i cry just thinking of 2015. yuck. but like you said this too shall pass. the cloud has lifted and lessons learned. we practice what we pray...we are thankful for all that we are given and all that we are NOT given. oh and please don't're too good to quit. like you said go back to your grass roots, remember why you started, even if that means just taking a little step back to recharge. i say all this because i love your work. but i completely get it if your heart is whispering to you. go with your gut. it won't steer you wrong.


    2. I thankfully have a great relationship with both of my parents. My husband has a great relationship with his mom, and for the most part his step-dad, but they are both 89, living at home and step-dad is is worse shape than the mom. Consequently, he is very protective of his mom and her health. They are both stubborn, step-dad will not move out of the 4000 sq ft house that is too big, too much trouble. It is incredibly stressful for all.

      I am sorry for the pain and your issues with your mom. I agree with the others. Stop, breath and take stock of the love you have in your life. Your kids, your husband and all else. Appreciate all of the good and follow your heart.

  4. As a fellow Libra, I share your perplexing struggle to find balance - and your irregular blogging schedule. ;-)
    I'm so sorry that things are challenging with your parents. It is so difficult to not become overwhelmed by it and to, instead, keep on going on the highest road you can. It is wonderful that your work brings you so much peace and joy!

  5. I am happy to hear life is good Nancy, and that your design business is flourishing! Your parents' health and that role reversal that happens with adult children and their parents can certainly be challenging. Thinking of you as you wade through these waters I am familiar with myself. You have a wonderful and thoughtful attitude to get you through!

  6. Nancy thanks for the shout out. My heart goes out to you. As you know I have been there and done that. My 94 year old father has good days and bad. We can't travel very far or leave him for long. The good thing is he is appreciative and lives in a great place. It is tough when the roles are reversed. If you ever need to chat let me know. You can email me. There is a lot more to my story that I have not shared on the blog!!

  7. Hi Nancy! My name is Chasity and I am new to blogging. I stumbled across your blog and love your work! I am from North Carolina and my husband and I just bought our first home in July of last year and I am loving decorating it and slowly making it what I want it to be! Your blog is such an inspiration and I have signed up for e-mail notifications so I won't miss any of your posts. :) I would love it if you would have a minute to take a look at my blog. It is currently a work in progress. Best wishes to you and your business!

    Chasity @


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