Monday, February 27, 2017

mirror Monday

If you follow me on instagram
it may seem like all I did was move mirrors this weekend.
Because I did.
And today I'll tell you all about it.
Because you know one of my goals is to be a better blogger this year.
So all the mirror moving began with this...

the decor detective

or rather with this mini vision board...

the decor detective

As you can see I decided to go green on the wallpaper.
I ordered samples of both and the green just spoke to me.
Not to mention greenery is Pantone's color the year.
Just saying ;)

Originally I ordered this lovely lucite mirror...

Sadly it arrived damaged.
I called the customer service department
and when I explained how damaged it was 
on the back and sides,
instead of returning it as we originally discussed,
 they credited my account 
{since the mirror was now out of stock}
and told me I could either donate it or trash it.
I told her there was no way I could donate it
since I was afraid someone would try to hang it 
and they'd get hurt...
believe me,
I think about these things at night.
Trashing it would be against my religion as well.
So here's what I did...
I decided to order this mirror instead for the powder room....

Fun, hip, with sexy curves ;)
and in white instead of my favorite navy...

since I figured I could use white in more places 
if it didn't ring my bell in the bathroom...
{now that's a sentence said by no one ever.}
The white arrived and I love it to pieces.
I've gotten so many compliments it's not even funny.

Meanwhile I got my favorite gorilla glue
and went to town on rehabbing the frame 
of the campaign lucite mirror.
I still need to use some rub n buff on the sides of the mirror
to cover up the cement glue.
Just like my wallpapering skills
every time I see the mirror now
I remind myself 
its not perfect but its progress 
I love it so it stays.

Only I didn't know where on earth I'd put it.
I walked the house Friday evening
looking for a place to hang it.
I decided the front entry way needed a change...

the decor detective
photo by haley ottmann photography

I love all the pieces but sometimes things need a new roost...

the decor detective

I love the way it melds with the campaign chest I scored a few summers ago.
One thing led to another and I shopped my dining room,
moving some of my double happiness collection
along with my "jade" foo dogs found last summer at Epcot.
Our outgoing mail has a nice place to perch now.
The gold bowls organize our various keys
along with my running watch and lights...
I don't have to hunt for them in the early hours,
just grab them and go.
The last little gem I chose was a little landscape painting 
I did a few years ago.
I know.
I need lessons.
In the end I think it says "me"...then of course
you walk down the hall and start crunching on legos
and you'll know who else lives here. :)

For those of you wondering what I did with my beloved peacock mirror
that used to sit proudly above the entry chest
it moved into the husband's study...

the decor detective

You know I'll never part with that.
You know thins are never static around here.
They move around but rarely get the boot.
Which reminds day I need to tell you the story 
about the blanc de chine lamp above...
its a good one.

Hope you're having a fantastic Monday.


  1. Eveything looks great! I am in love with your bathroom wallpaper and mirror!

    1. thanks Elizabeth! I am in love with them as well :) makes me happy every time i go in there...even to clean it! ha!

  2. OMG... It looks stunning, Nancy. If I ever move back to Houston I am hiring you to do my house. Have a great week.

    1. Hey Katie! First off, and i hope this is isn't weird to say because we've never met but...I love you! You're the best and that is music to my ears BUT I've seen your house! You don't need me but girl move back and let's hang. You're my tribe! Talk to the mister...tell him you have built-in babysitters for your crew of boys will keep them entertained while we look at real estate, go the movies, and chillax ;)

  3. Nancy, I'm so happy you stopped by Hyacinths. I'm thrilled to meet a fellow Texan. You need to join up with the Texas Blogger Group. Katie @ Just Add Sprinkles is hosting a Spring Tour the end of March. Would love to have you join the tour if you are interested. Let me know and I'll put you in touch with Katie.
    Yes, Round Top is a tradition for me. I go every season, usually for a couple of days. It is so easy to drive from Austin!

  4. Following you here and on IG now. '-)

  5. Nancy you are so talented at creating vignettes. If we lived closer you could hop over my house and make things pretty and I could make a barn door for you. Wouldn't we have fun?


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