Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Note...this post was started last fall
and I'm just coming back to it now and updating it
so if some of the references to time don't make sense
you'll understand why...

I'm in a major nesting phase right now.
And no, before you wonder, I'm not pregnant.
Nice guess.
Not happening. ;)
I know what started it.
We almost moved.
As in for reals, no joke.

You know I stalk real estate constantly.
But you also know that after the losses we experienced
spring before last,
we just kind of froze.
I've talked about it many times over the past year.
Maybe many, maybe few, I can't remember at this point.
Hell, I can't remember a lot these days.
Ask my friend Joyce who is probably laughing as she's reading this
because of a little panic attack I had a few weeks ago
after I hid some stuff for safe keeping
and then couldn't remember where I hid it.
Found it but not before I gave my heart a major fright.
Any case you're new here
we took time since last year 2015 to grieve.
We had been looking to move,
to build a dream home,
when our world shook that spring
and we dug our heels into the ground.
Life had to stand still for a while.
We said we would grow where we're planted for now.
We made it through the haze of that was that spring,
crawled through the heat of summer,
then through the darkness of fall and winter.
The new year came last year and with it,
I can't explain it really other than,
light from above.
Like a new day,
a new dawn.
While I was doing my own bit of soul-searching
I could tell the hubs was starting to heal from losing our niece,
who truly was like a daughter to him.
He will never be the same but he was living again,
not just surviving.
I knew he was coming back to life when he started mentioning
driving by a house that was being built near us.
It was a spec house by the builder we met with two winters ago
to build our dream house,
before everything changed.
Huh I thought to myself.
He's talking about stuff from "before"...
"that's nice honey" I would tell him.
Not wanting to get invested in dreaming just yet.
Before long I was saying wait for me, I want to go too,
when he would mention driving by that house.
I'll save you a long story by saying that
we decided for many reasons not to move forward on moving.
It turned out to be a lovely house, just not what we needed at this point.
I'm glad we listened to our hearts,
which were in glorious agreement about our decision.
Still, I got myself into a major nesting mood
and decided to finish up a few last things
I wanted to do around here...
you know, just in case we decide to make a move.
You never know. ;)

You may remember that our kids switched rooms last fall.
We switched around furniture,
bought new bedding,
and installed new lights...


I know.
How awesome is this light fixture?
And it's under a hundred bucks.
You're welcome!

That's my number one suggestion to new clients
who want a lot of bang for their buck...
change your light fixtures!

I was nervous about this light
but knew I wanted something fun and funky,
just like the two sharing the room this now hangs in...

It comes with the bulbs you see in the picture...
at $70 for fixture and bulbs,
you can beat that with a stick!
I will say that the bulbs give off a weird yellow-y glow
but at that price it's something I can live with
{until the bulbs burn out or
I remember to buy new ones...
whichever comes first}
Until then, to me, this is a winner winner chicken dinner.

While the electrician was here I also had him
hang the chippy green industrial light in the boys' study,
the one I scored at Round Top a couple of years ago...
I'd share a picture but my kids have opinions now
about having their spaces on the world wide web.
Working on that...stay tuned.

I didn't stop with lighting, much to the hubs chagrin.
Each of their bathrooms got new paint a la BM's Revere Pewter.
I debated about switching out all the faucets
but under the category "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
I decided I could live with the nickel hardware.
One thing I did switch out were the shower heads...


This one little switch made the biggest change...
it went from showering with a kinked hose to a car wash.
With three growing boys I need all the clean karma I can get.
I bought three for all our secondary showers
and had the plumber switch it all out at one time.
He said it was easy since we already had Delta fixtures.
Not sure what took me so long to figure out I could just do the shower head.

While I was at Lowes buying the new shower heads
I grabbed two of these...

to use as hand towel hooks by the boys double sink vanity.
The old rings were super low and regular hand towels puddle up
or even worse, would hang down into the sink.
No bueno.
These did the trick as did buying some super cute bath cloths...

Striped and on sale, 
what could be better?

In the other guy's bath
I scored this green tortoise hand towel...

Sadly it's no longer available.
Glad I grabbed two (on super sale).

The last little change was kind of major too...


as in no more kids struggling to switch out the toilet paper.
I will say that, while an improvement, this one is a bit bulky.
I'm sticking with it but I bought this one...

for the other en suite.
Much smaller and I like that it loads from the side.
I'm buying one of these for my next bathroom reno
which leads me to this sneak peak...

the decor detective

The mirror arrived.
Several actually...more on that another day.
The custom wallpaper is being printed
and I'm about to get some paint on the cabinet and trim.
It's about to get good up in here.
Hope y'all are having a terrific week! 

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  1. Hi Nancy... I hid the Mister's Valentine's Day gift and I am trying to turn the upside down. Granted, I'm like 40 years older than you but still. Love the light fixtures! Have a great week.


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