Thursday, February 23, 2017

what I'm eating

You know that over the past few years I've had some weird health stuff going on. Nothing major thankfully. Let's just call it irritating at the very least. Think hives, severe itching, weirded out skin in general. I know. {YAWN} Not that you want to know but in case you do I thought I'd share something I've been doing for a few months now. 

The good news, or how I'm choosing to look at it, is that its caused me to really examine what I eat. That's also the bad news because home girl here likes to eat. Never met a chip (or bag thereof) that I didn't want to inhale or a piece of bread I didn't want to bathe in butter. But when I started paying attention to stuff as in reading ingredient lists {YAWN} and then noticing my body's reactions after meals well, suffice it to say I knew I had to clean up my act. Not that I don't fall off the wagon. I do. I just try to not to stay off for too long. Life happens and I'm not beating myself up for the occasional nacho {or two ;]} Which is how I found this just after the feast that was Thanksgiving and Christmas...

I originally saw it on a groupon advertisement
but when I clicked through to the jus by julie website
I saw a coupon code that was even cheaper.
Happy New Year to me I thought as I hit order.
Honestly I love it.
I haven't tasted one so far that wasn't good.
It's a no brainer for me...
as in no questioning what am I going to eat today.
I drink them in order (they're numbered), 
every few hours or whenever I'm hungry.
I will admit that on the first two days of the first "cleanse"
I got a little light headed and by dinner time
I decided I needed to eat something for realz
so I made a typical dinner for me,
salmon with roasted cauliflower.
The directions that come with the cleanses
explain how to do it and things you can eat if you get hungry
but for me personally I just ate what I know works for me.
That's pretty much my philosophy with food now...
just because something works for someone else
doesn't mean its going to work for me 
and vice versa...
you have to do your own thing.
Which is why I'm continuing to do jus by julie...
but with my own tweaks...
I eat a paleo bar snack in the am
and then usually a paleo dinner at night.
They do have an option called "jus til dinner" 
so I guess I'm doing my own version.
{Knowing that I'll skip the jus for dinner
I freeze it and then thaw it the night before I want to drink it
once I'm through with the other day juices.}
Make sense?
You awake out there?
I sure am.
I don't get the middle of the day crashes like I used to
and I'm sleeping better at night.
Who knows if its this or not...
I don't really care, 
I'll take what I can get.
And yes, I did lose a few pounds.
Always a treat when that happens.

I will say if you order your own
just know to watch out for coupon codes on their website
because otherwise shipping is pricey.
I've always managed to use codes for discounts that include free shipping.
Also if you use ebates 
{and if you don't - why aren't you? 
seriously, email me.
I'll send you a referral code}
then you currently get like 7.5% back.
Winner winner chicken dinner.

What about you?
Any favorite foods you've found lately?
Let me know...I'm always interested.

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