Tuesday, March 28, 2017

house in the 'hood

I hope your Tuesday is going swell so far.
I'm in a better place today.
We went for ice cream after school yesterday
then went home for dinner.
I was scared to ask the boys if they knew why 
we were enjoying ice cream on a weekday
especially right before dinner.
The twins remembered...our youngest not so much.
But he will in time,
with stories told repeatedly about her 
and why her name always comes up 
when we watch Harry Potter movies,
remembering how my in-laws took her to the bookstore at midnight
when a new Potter book was released
 and how she would stay up all night devouring every word.
Then sit there and read it again.
Oh how she loved to read. :)
I see her in our boys for sure
and that makes my heart happy.

I'll be out of pocket for the next few days.
I'm super excited...more on that when I get back.
Until then I hope you enjoy my most recent favorite
house in the 'hood...

The thing that caught my eye about this house was 
how good it looked inside considering its age.
It looks like they followed the advice
I give my "rooms to go go" clients...
update your paint with a beautiful paint
{you know by now that we're in the middle of the 
"gray is all the rage" phase}
and replace any out of date light fixtures.
Here the owners painted all of the interior doors black
and the majority of the house is a beautiful gray color.

Here in Texas there are a lot of homes still stuck 
in the last stage of the builder beige rage.
Mine would be one of those,
simply because most of my furnishings and hard fixtures 
lend themselves more towards browns than grays.
But there is a way to do make that color shift 
and to me this house shows it perfectly...

It just goes to show what you can do with paint and new ceiling fixtures.

Here in the dining room I love the mix of traditional furniture,
simple but classic window coverings 
and a hit of wow with the wallpaper on the ceiling.

The kitchen looks like its been updated with paint and new counters.
The only negative I see so far seriously
is the height of the bar stools...
note to the new owners...go counter height. ;) 

I love the modern table and light fixture
mixed with my favorite french bistro chairs...

Back up front in the office
 they painted the whole room a deep peacock blue...

That's a hard look to pull off but I think they nailed it.
Upstairs in the master more muted colors await...

Most people who buy older homes in our area
gut the kitchen and bathrooms over time.
While you can tell this is an older bathroom
{small square tiles, brown granite}
I think its still a classic bathroom
that doesn't shout "gut job"...
It's nice don't you think?

It makes me wonder how many people
will regret the tile mosaics that are so "in" right now?
It will be interesting to see how long that fad lasts.
I like it, don't get me wrong 
but I also remember 
the kitchen I grew up in had the same look.

I wish I could get the paint list from this owner.
Loving this blue gray...

I wonder if they used the same color
but because of the way the rooms are situated
whether the undertones are revealing themselves differently?

I'm seriously studying the paint colors...
I wonder if it looks this good in person.
It's under contract so no open house for me...

I don't know about you but I'd move in.
Happy to say a new owner is already on its way...
this lovely is under contract.

Signing out for a few days.
Hope you have a great week wherever you are.
I intend to ;)


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