Friday, March 10, 2017

the look for less

I've seen this purse on the arms of moms at school
and immediately fell in love...


I asked one where she got it and she kindly told me.
I ran home and began searching online at Nordstrom.
Of course I love it...
It's two in three zeros.
Now I don't know how you roll
but that number for a purse is against my religion.
No offense to anyone who does roll that way...
I'd just be afraid to carry it and mess it up.
Highly likely with three boys always circling me...ha!
So the other day when I saw this...

I admit I did a double take.
I wasn't sure if my eyes were failing me again.
I clicked through to find two things...
1. it was $64.95
2. it was sold out.
In every color.
Insert sad face here.
Good news is that you can sign up to get on their wait list
if they become available again
In the meantime I spied a couple of other bags
that also had the look of Chloe for less...


or instead of this one that's more moolah you might try this...

It just depends on what your "thing" in life is...
if you collect purses and that's what you love in life
then go for the real deal and buy a Chloe.
I'm not judging.
Either way.
For those of you who don't mind the look for less though
you can check out more Sole Society handbags here.
That said...if someone
wanted to wrap it up under the tree for me
I'll take the tan with brass accents.
Just case the hubs is reading.
Seriously kidding.
Or am I? 


  1. Another great tip! Love the bags!

  2. Me too , and the color. wait listed.
    Kudos for your bravery , mentioning 'two large' is against your religion. Nice to know someone still has common sense, which I feel is in very short supply.

  3. Did my eyes read that right!? I can think of a lot ways to spend that kind of cash than on a handbag! I love the lesser price one just as much!

  4. I like the cheaper version better!!


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