Thursday, March 2, 2017

what to wear

Anybody else walk into their closet 
and get the "I have nothing to wear" feeling.
Even though your chest of drawers are full
and there's plenty of things hanging about?
I know.
First world problems right?
Even though there's plenty of stuff in my closet
I am not a clothes horse at heart.
I nannied for a couple of families during my college years
and one of my bosses nicknamed my "the queen of t-shirts" 
if that gives you any indication as to how I roll.
Comfort is key.
If the material isn't soft I'm not wearing it.
Sensory issues much?

I've been trying to up my game in the what to wear department
since I started seeing clients last year.
To me this has meant buying some cute tops
{ie..not a t-shirt ha!}
and pairing one with white or blue jeans
and then some cute but comfortable flats 

 While I haven't bought anything over the winter months
I've spied some new spring items that I like...

yes, its the marriage of a t-shirt and a dress
or in other words
my definition of what to wear perfection.
This will be mine soon I predict.

lilac + scallops = me loves
even though I predict Houston is going to get hot 
and stay hot very quickly which means this shirt
might not get alot of wear until the fall
but its cute and its currently on sale. ;)

Now this sleeveless blue and white number could see some major wear and tear


Note this style also comes in other colors
as well as in a shirtdress style.
Just saying.

I would love love love this dress if it were a v-neck...

if you can pull off a higher neckline it also comes in hot pink!

Now you know who did a similar dress that is to die for?
If you've never heard of her, check out her website stat!
I almost nabbed this lovely on preorder
but alas I have that sensory skin thing that doesn't let me wear linen...

Its the sexiest shift dress is it not?
If she made it in another fabric I'd be on it like white on rice.

While I didn't buy the EF dress above
right before we went camping a few weeks ago...

while they might be too casual to visit clients
I have to say I've been wearing them nearly every day
when my schedule allows.
Because I may have bought them in multiple colorways.
And in case the hubs is reading this,
before you even think the word "budget"
I used a birthday gift card and had a discount code.
Plus these are going to come in super handy 
during our summer vacation to Yellowstone.
I know.
More outdoor adventure and camping...
what is going on with me right?
Believe you me.
I'm wondering the same dang thing.
But at least I'll be dressed in the most comfortable 
hiking/adventure pants that money can buy IMHO.
Let's hope that these pants can push people up mountains ;)

Lastly, let me introduce you to the softest sweater
I've ever had the pleasure of trying on...

Athleta's studio wrap sweater is to die for.
If I could have it in every color way
I don't think I'd ever buy another sweater ever again.
It's the soft and thick without being stifling.
Its perfect people. 
I wouldn't lie about a thing like that.

While that's a wrap for me
if you want some more "what to wear" ideas
check out this recent blog post I enjoyed 
Oh and please let me know what your favorite solution
to the what to wear dilemma is in the comments below.
Inquiring minds want to know ;)


  1. I love that dress! So cute in the red/fuschia.

    1. I know! I love it in the brighter color too...if you get it let me know!

  2. Link for the wrap dress up top? It's adorable.

  3. Yikes! I fixed the link above...its by garnet hill. thanks for reading :)


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