Sunday, April 23, 2017

easy like Sunday morning

Last week I was sweating my buttockous off  and today I need a sweater.
The weather here in Houston is the craziest thing to figure out.
Which makes figuring out what to wear hard.
You know I'm a self professed t-shirt queen.
Its my uniform.
Better than the In & Out burger tshirt phase post-partum with the twins.
Don't ask.
That was a shameful phase ;( of sleep deprivation.

Now days I live for fashion roundups like those from Mary Ann and Cindy
I just commented on Mary Ann's post that I've been looking for new duds
and hadn't found anything I liked recently.
But much like the domino decisions of decorating {and life}
I recently bought some new shorts for my youngest son
aka "The Hulk" because he seems to spout up every time I think he's in a holding pattern
and because I love free shipping and was just below the minimum to get it
I happened to throw a shirt in my basket.
A shirt for moi ;)

Unfortunately I felt like it looked like a maternity shirt...
too boxy and not long enough even though I thought I was smart 
and got the small tall...still no go.
So I returned it in store.
Which is where I spotted this...

You gotta love domino decisions...where one thing leads you to another.
You know I love me some navy 
and when you throw a white stripe in there, well, winner winner chicken dinner.

Another striped winner I saw but didn't buy was this sweet skirt...

Sorry for the blurry pics...I wish Gap would make saving pics easier.
I digress...back to the easy button of what to wear...
I saw this dress in store but they didn't have my size...

It's available in white and black...I like the black better.
It says its a cover-up but with the Houston heat I'm good with wearing this as a sun dress.
I read the reviews {always read the reviews y'all}
and will be ordering in a smaller than normal size and in tall for a little big longer length.
Because the hubs is still smarting over a certain order I just placed at Loft.
Stay tuned for that ;)
If you buy any of these don't forget to go through ebates first
and as always check for coupon codes. 
If you don't do ebates send me an email and I'll send you a referral email.
I wasn't sure if it was a scam until I got my first check. 
A few hundred dollars in rebates later and well, I don't doubt any more.
The web watches you anyway...may as well get paid to shop.
Now go get your shopping on and no matter what you do
 I hope you enjoy this beautiful Sunday morning.


  1. Hey Nancy, thanks for the shout out! Love your picks. Which Land's End t-shirts? I need some! And look up that Gap dress cute.

    1. these are my uniform in navy :)

  2. Nancy this ebates thing - I had always wondered if it was legit! Is this something I should be doing every time I shop?

    1. it is and yes!!! i sent you an email. let me know if you didnt get it.


  3. What / who offers ebates?
    Love navy and white stripe. I bought a Ralph Lauren navy/white stripe dress last August. Hope to get a lot of wear out of it this summer. '-)

    1. ebates is how you get paid to shop. seriously. send me an email and i can send you a referral link. i've made $$$ just for shopping. you basically start at ebates, search either for your product or a certain store, click on the link, your site you need will pop up, you shop, then get paid quarterly. its a win win in my humble opinion.

  4. Replies
    1. me TOO Elizabeth! I need it in my life this summer I think ;)


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