Saturday, April 29, 2017

house in the {old} hood

I debated about posting this house.
Because it holds a lot of memories.
It's owned by our dear friends, who recently put it on the market.
My husband never thought he'd see the day.
It started out as the bachelor pad of our mutual friend Jeff.
In the 15 years since I've been gone Jeff met and married the perfect girl for him.
One girl, two dogs, two cats, a bunny, {and some pets I may have missed} later,
well, let's just say life for Jeff is different now ;) 

Long. long ago, in this place far away
our mutual friend Jeff introduced us
on the back steps of this very house.
This place was a safe place to land following a rocky road in my life.
Where I lived for a long time before, during, and after my divorce.
If these walls could talk...whoa. 
Now that's a story to tell...I'm thinking about.
I think it's definitely a page turner ;)
But for now, you'll just have to enjoy the tour.
Let's take a look around...

This is the main house...

not where I lived.
I lived around back in the old carriage house.
You can see it below through the porte cochère, beyond the basketball goal.

Sadly I don't have any pictures of my old place.
Jeff said he never had a better tenant than me
{you know that's right, ha!}
so after I left he gutted it and turned it into storage.
Some of the main rooms have been updated over the years.
His beautiful wife has great taste and she helped update it through the years.

I wish there was a better shot of this stairway.
This main staircase splits on the landing into two, one on each side.
Its gorgeous and not something you see anymore.

The dining room has always been red and honestly I can't imagine it any other way. Its very Southern especially with the beautiful ornate furniture. 

Across the entrance hall from the dining room is the formal living room.
I remember many a fancy Christmas parties being held in this room,
with a fantastic bar set up in the sun room through the double doors.
I don't think I'm imagining that there used to be a grand piano in here.

This room is huge and continues directly into the adjoining study...

Jeff spent many years fixing this house up room by room.
To hear my husband tell the tale, it was nothing but a falling down shell until
Jeff rescued it from ruins and lovingly spent his money and time making it gorgeous once again. 
He modernized the kitchen but kept the brick wall...the floors are beautiful and brick as well.

A year or so after I moved he built this in the basement...

Don't think his timing didn't disturb me.
I would have moved in here. 
Trust me.
He also updated the garden after I left...

see those stairs above?
That's where it happened y'all.
Where I met my one true love.
The brick wall with fireplace wasn't there back then
and they wandered back from visiting our neighbors
to find me watering flowers in the backyard.
Jeff introduced my husband to me and that was it.
They went inside and I told myself I was going to marry him.
I'll never forget that day.

Sadly this is the last picture to share of the house.
If you're interested in purchasing this beautiful historic home in Savannah
send me an email and I'll get you in touch with the real estate agent.
It's truly unique and special.

It's like Savannah itself, it will always hold a place in my heart.


  1. Oh my! We live near Savannah, I'll bet we've seen this house. Is it in Ardsley Park?

    1. I bet you have :) its close not technically ardsley park. whereabouts are y'all?

    2. We live by Ft. McAllister in Richmond Hill.

  2. It's beautiful Nancy. What a special place for you!

  3. This is a gorgeous home! Not in the market for a home in Savannah, but this would be one I'd be interested in if we were. Guess we'll live out our life here in TX. '-)

  4. What a gorgeous home. And what what sweet memories you have... Have a great week, dear Nancy.

  5. So elegant! Absolutely love the details. It looks like a great place to heal.


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