Wednesday, May 31, 2017

keeping it simple

Is this mic still on?
Are you still there?
It's me Nancy.
Are you bored yet by my magician skills I apparently have going on?
Meaning my disappearing/reappearing acts?
It's no secret that I've been a bad blogger lately.
I wasn't gonna bring it up.
I was just going to pop up and act all normal
but one thing I don't want to do is put up a pretend view of life.
Let's dive in shall we?

I'll admit I got a little scared about my previous post.
A friend asked me "aren't you afraid that someone will show it to Brene?"
Uhhhhh, no?
Not really.
But then I got to thinking...
I guess it could happen like six degrees of Kevin Bacon.
The friend that asked me that lives down the street from her.
{Don't worry...I don't stalk people in person.
Remind me to tell you a story later
where I could have walked right up to her
and gushed about how her work changed me forever
but you'd be proud...I didn't.
It wasn't the right time or place.
Plus I thought I'd go right into my Oprah ugly face cry...
you know the one where just all emotion bubbles up
and your face morphs and contorts because its like your heart
is just bursting and the tears you're crying are full of feelings
and emotions that are bigger than any tear duct will allow
so one's face goes all whoppy-jawed.}
Another friend's daughter works with her.
But I don't think either Molly or her daughter read this blog so I'm good there.
And lastly...well, it happened, its the truth, and the whole point of me sharing
was to say that I got through it because I learned how to rise strong from any disappointment.
The story I tell myself is that I learned the process from her class
so I would think she'd be thrilled.
That's the story I'm sticking with anyway.
But that post isn't why I've been gone so long.
It's simple really.
It's just too much.
I said it.
It's all too much.
I'm not saying life.
Hell, we are all busy.
I'm not saying that I'm busier than anyone else.
That's not it at all.
For me, my struggle lately is having two of things.
And I'm not talking about my twins.
Two websites, two blogs, two instagrams, two facebooks.
It's too much.
But in a way it is like having twins.
Twins that you want to be their own individuals.
Add in my little lesson lately that I took about growing your social following
and I was just like, uh, yeah, no, that's not who I want to be.
Which is a problem these days when you have a business
that you want to grow in this day and age of everything online.
So you know me...when something is bothering me
I'll step back and analyze (to no end sometimes)
hence the radio silence.
What seems like withdrawal is really just self reflection before renewal.
I think I've figured it out.
And I really would like your input if you're willing.
Here's what I was thinking last year when I started my separate business website.
You know I put my heart on this blog here.
I didn't want every client knowing my heart like that.
So I chose to keep them separate.
But every time I went to write for my business website
it felt like I was cheating on this blog
and honestly like the way I write here,
it's like putting a piece of my heart out every time.
I felt like I needed to hide it over there.
Weird right?
So I stopped writing anywhere, here or there.
I could write a whole post on this thought process
but I've already written a novel today
so in sum I'm about to relaunch my business website
and I don't think I'll have a blog over there.
I'll post portfolio pics and maybe some before and afters
but for right now this makes sense to me.
I need to keep it simple.
I'll let you know when its ready.
I'm not sure how to handle the two instagrams.
I wish I could merge the two.
Anyone know if that's possible?
I need a teenage tech intervention to tell me how if it is.
Again, it was a way for my head to keep personal pics separate from biz.
Because I thought clients wouldn't want to see pictures of my kids.
But now I'm thinking, well, why would I want to work with someone who thought that way?
Maybe that's just not my tribe anyway.
Two facebooks?
That's easy.
I only started on facebook because at the time
I was training for a marathon and that's how my training group
kept up with the weekly runs.
I could easily slide off on the personal one but I have stuff saved
and let's face it, I'm technically challenged.
You still awake?
If so, seriously, what do you think?
Lose one blog, update the other website, merge two IGs, lose a FB?
{New business website - blog} + {IG + IG} - {personal FB}
I think maybe, just maybe, that little equation could get me back on track here.
That's my plan.
Keep it simple.
Sound stupid?
I'm all ears.


  1. Ditto. Ok, everyone keeps saying you need a business Facebook page, so I'm saying keep that. Set up a personal IG account, keep your business IG and don't link the two. Yes to no blog on the business page and keep this baby up and running. Only do as much social media as you can stand. l

    1. Thanks Sharon! You're my tribe! Exactly what i need to do!

  2. I think you are doing a fabulous job. Whatever you post is honest and original and is worth reading. I have noticed that other bloggers have one blog that is compartmentalized by interest (across the header) but it seems to me that is a personal choice. Thank you for being interesting!

    1. ok anonymous. i don't your name but i like you. thank you for your kind words. you'll never know how much you taking the time to say anything (but especially that ;) means to me. i appreciate you.

  3. Nancy I feel your pain. What used to be blogging has turned into blogging + 5 different social media platforms to post to and strategize about and think about when there is no more time for thinking or strategizing. I think one blog that talks about your love of design and also shares your more heartfelt thoughts would be more manageable, both as the writer, and as the reader. Also I think readers really do like to connect with a designer on a personal level and read bits and pieces of your life. But what the heck do I know, my son graduated from high school this month and somehow that threw me all askew, so I blogged all of twice in May. So don't take any advice from me :) Love following you, however you find it works best for your life!


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