Tuesday, June 13, 2017

getting stuff done

If you follow me on instagram then you'll know I've been a painting fool lately.
Two rooms (the boys rooms) to go y'all.
Hoping to get those done before the end of the week.
Then photographs ;) 
Can't wait.
I've also been working on updating my business website.
Here she is...

the decor detective

I'm still tweaking it but I like it. 
I'm going to keep the old one up 
but I decided to move some of the blog posts over here
in case I don't so forgive me if you've read this before...


If you love all things design and decor
then you'll know what I mean about domino decisions
where one thing leads to another.
Kind of like me painting my whole downstairs last week.
And since all the painting gear is out I may as well do the boys rooms.
I'll save you the chain reaction that lead me to discover Jeff Lewis's 
latest product line...barn doors.
I know.
I thought I couldn't love him more but I do now...

Note these are not available in store until November 
but you can order them online to be shipped
either to your home or to your local store.
I predict they'll do gangbusters
which I'm sure Jeff loves to hear 
now that he's a new dad.

I love that they each come in four colorways 
complete with blocking and hardware for installation.

Looks like more styles recently rolled out...

Yes, I think one of these beauties will finally complete
my twins' shared bathroom reno.

First paint, then tile, now doors.
All at Home Depot. 
I can't wait to see what Jeff and his team come up with next.
We'll soon see because a new season of his show Flipping Out starts soon.
Can't wait. 


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