Tuesday, June 6, 2017

my obsession continues...

Y'all know that I love me some blue and white.
It's borderline obsession, no, actually just call it that.
That works.
I'm an obsessed, borderline hoarder of blue and white.
From striped clothing to porcelain, that color combo, its taking over.
I thought I'd run out of room for my porcelain collection
but I recently painted my downstairs and moved things about.
Turns out I do have room for more!
High five and hallelujah!

I even found room on my walls.
While I was busy painting my dining room last week
I was reminded of this image and I am so doing this...

I'm obsessed with this wall of plates in my friend Holly's old kitchen.
I have a set of brown transferware that I've never hung...
so I'll try to work that in too but this pretty is on its way via amazon

I met a client the other day at Pottery Barn and was tempted by this one

Its huge and pretty in person but I have a hard time 
paying $100 plus for a plate that's not even antique.
I'll keep looking but pretty please will you let me know if
you know where I can score some big blue transferware platters.

While I passed on the plate I did notice these...

Me thinks these would make a perfect hostess gift,
especially if she's a blue and white lover.

I did a post on my other blog about Aerin Lauder's recent collaboration 
with Pottery Barn's sister store Williams Sonoma.
Of course it was all about blue and white...

I know.
My obsession is heading outdoors too.
More than you know.
I may have bought some pieces of this collection for my garden.

In navy.
With plans to add pops of green.
But I reserve the right to do something more like this vision board
that I came up with for a client recently...

always in a southern state of mind

Remember when I was looking for a new headboard?
I almost went with navy.
Shocking I know.
Instead I went with emerald green.
Still loving it but I have to say that I'm glad I just noticed this...

My husband would not have approved
but I'm loving this customized headboard by Annie Selke.
It reminds me of the Pierre Frye Macao fabric I have long admired.

The whole reason I bring all this up is that today
while on a recon mission with my peep April
(she introduced me to two new-to-me stores in town)
we stumbled on this fabric in yellow.
Now I knew if it was in yellow it would be in blue,
especially because I'd seen the Annie Selke bed.
Low and behold...

Hello Braemore Ming Dove
I think I love you.
I may not use you in my house but I know you're out there.
And that makes me happy.

If you know of any blue and white I need to know about
send me a smoke signal pretty please.
I appreciate you.

ps...I had a note from a reader yesterday.
She couldn't find the "unsubscribe" button.
If you ever want to unsubscribe, go to one of the emails alerting you to a new post
and at the very bottom there is a link to push to unsubscribe.
Or just send me an email.
Either way.
I wish you well.


  1. Now I'm obsessed. Often bring back blue/white plates from England, but no platters.

  2. So much pretty blue and white- I love it all! My obsession began in 1990 when I wallpapered our first master bath with a Waverly blue and white paper. Wish I could remember the name, seems like everyone was using it. I'd love to know the two new shops you discovered?!

  3. I like the wallpaper but still my all time favorite it David Hicks Vases. Love blue and white!

  4. There are so many wonderful blue and white accessories out there! Those glasses are fabulous! You were right to pass on the repro blue and white plate. Check out Ebay they come up now and again...real ones!!


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