Wednesday, April 4, 2018

dipping my toe back in

To the blogging world that is.
Long story behind the blog break...maybe for another day.
I've missed it for sure.
For now, let me tell you what I stumbled on
and couldn't wait to tell you...

About these...

I know.
I die.
If you follow me on instagram
then you'll have seen...

my old C Wonder boots in Round Top last week.
Old is the key word.
They've served me well
especially during Hurricane Harvey last fall.
Me thinks though that they will be retired. 
Especially after I saw that my favorite British brand of rain boots
has partnered with Target for a limited edition collection.

If I can get my hands on it I'm grabbing this backpack

and this bum bag

for our summer vacation.
Yep, another mountainous expedition.
God help me.

Be sure and check out the full Hunter collection here
It debuts April 14 but redcard holders can shop starting April 7.
I'm already racking my brain to see who I know that has one for early access
because I predict this one will be a super sell-out and quick!

1 comment :

  1. Welcome back dear friend. I have missed you like crazy. Love those orange boots!! Have a wonderful week,Nancy.


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